Mortgage Advice Centre can help you evaluate your insurance needs and take the hassle out of looking for the most suitable policy, so you have adequate protection and peace of mind for the future.

No matter how small or great your insurance requirements, our advisers will use their depth of knowledge and years of experience in this field to help arrange suitable cover to match your insurance needs.

Protecting your home

When you work hard for your money to buy the things you want, it’s important to ensure you have insurance against unforeseen circumstances, such as accidental damage, fire, loss or theft.

Mortgage Advice Centre can help you find the right buildings and contents insurance policy for your needs.

Protection of income

The impact of your lost income could affect the lifestyle you have become accustomed to. There is no need to take this risk as a bit of planning now could avoid sacrifices later on.

Mortgage Advice Centre has experienced advisers who will review your income, age and your financial situation and recommend the right policy for your needs.

Protecting your mortgage payments

A mortgage is probably the biggest financial commitment you will ever make, it is important to ensure that you can maintain the mortgage repayments in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Mortgage Advice Centre advisers can help you protect your mortgage related costs in the event of losing your income due to an accident, sickness or non-voluntary redundancy.