A report by Legal and General* has found that, on average UK employees could be on the breadline in just 32 days.

Whilst no-one wants to think, what would you do if the worst was the happen but if you were to fall critically ill or lose your job, could you still afford your lifestyle?

Research undertaken by Legal and General showed that if employees lost their main source of income due to long-term sickness or critical illness they’d be on the breadline in a month. 26% stated their current savings would last them a week or less. 

As consumers we would happily pay for insurance to cover valuables, iPads, mobile phones and our pets but not ourselves.

Income protection is something that could help you financially if you were unable to work from illness or injury or loss of earnings.

If you haven’t considered what would happen if you were just one month from being on the breadline then contact us for a no obligation financial review or Income Protection quote



*Legal and General Deadline to Breadline research 2017