Wealth Management

Our financial planning service supports you through various financial stages of your life, including paying your mortgage off early, retirement planning, savings or investments.

Carter Thompson Wealth Management is here for all of life’s major milestones.

For most, our early adulthood isn’t complicated by our finances, but as time moves on, we may need support with savings, or planning for marriage and children, through to retirement. We can support you through all of these scenarios with a range of support and financial planning services.

Our financial advisors can look at our needs, objectives, and goals, to get a full understanding of your individual circumstances which allows us to help you plan for your financial future. We also offer corporate financial planning for business owners and those who are self-employed.

Pension Advice and Retirement Options

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Estate Planning

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Pension Calculator

A pensions calculator can provide an indication into our likely retirement income and will allow you to adjust your pension and retirement plan to help you fund your desired retirement lifestyle.

Please remember this tool is simply a guideline, offering insights into the income you can expect from defined benefit and defined contribution schemes, as well as the basic or new State Pension depending on when you were born. We strongly recommend you speak to one of our financial advisors at Carter Thompson Wealth Management. Please be aware this tool will take you to the secure, government-backed, Money Advice Service website. We give no endorsement and accept no responsibility for the accuracy or content of any sites linked to this site. Click here if you wish to proceed.

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